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In our fast-paced and digital world, most people have no idea where to buy stamps. Despite them being vital to the very limited methods of communications of our ancestors. Thankfully, there are online retailers where you can easily buy stamps and have them delivered right to your door within a few days. Or, if you need them more quickly, there are many local retailers that are sure to carry them. Please read on for a full list of stores guaranteed to sell postage stamps near you.

1. Amazon / Online Retailers

By far the most convenient option is using Amazon’s website to buy US postage stamps. And, you can always purchase any other products you have your eyes on at the same time. Amazon sells just about everything you could imagine. This makes them our #1 choice when buying stamps online. The USA Forever stamps are ever popular and their top seller.

USA forever stamp

Their customer service is widely known as the best in the business. Their shipping options are very versatile, and in most cases, you’ll receive your product in 72 hours or less. Furthermore, their prices are also on par with purchasing directly from the USPS. If you’re not desperate and don’t need the stamps right away, we always suggest going with Amazon.

2. Post Office / USPS

The United States Postal Service, known as USPS, has been around since 1995 when it was named U.S. Mail. The very first postmaster general of U.S. Mail was Benjamin Franklin! Today, it’s possible to buy stamps from brick-and-mortar post offices or via The Postal Store at USPS.com.

usps truck and logo

You should find the same selection of stamps at community-based post offices as you will at The Postal Store. If you do decide to shop online, for the sake of ease and convenience, you’ll discover that it’s easy to find what you want.

They are searchable by type or by theme. Furthermore, they are also available in a variety of formats, from books to rolls to sheets. Subscriptions are also available if you send letters or postcards regularly.

3. CVS Pharmacy

If you want to purchase postage stamps in America while you’re running errands, you should know that they are available at three of the nation’s best-known drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid).

CVS is an excellent choice. However, you should know that you won’t be able to use CVS loyalty points to buy stamps. There are restrictions regarding what you may use your Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards for and postage stamps are restricted. Note, you won’t be able to order them from the CVS website.

cvs stamps

If you want to buy them at a CVS in your community, ask the cashier if he or she has any to sell. Typically, the cashier will have a book or two in his or her till. Individual pieces won’t be available.

4. Walgreens

Most Walgreens locations will also sell booklets, although you won’t be able to order these stamp booklets from the Walgreens website. As with CVS, just ask your cashier if any booklets are available.

Availability at Walgreens may vary from location to location. Call ahead if you want to know before you visit a particular pharmacy location.

5. Walmart

Everyone knows about Walmart. They are in just about every neighborhood, town, and city throughout the United States. They sell stamps and any other postage materials you may also need. Such as envelopes, paper, and writing utensils. This is another great option if you’re looking for postage stamps fast.

buy stamps at walmart

Most of us take trips to Walmart now and then, to find what we need for rock-bottom prices. While postage stamps don’t go on sale, it is possible to access them at Walmart chain stores. Also, unlike CVS and Walgreens, Walmart allows its customers to order postage materials online, via its official website.

When you order online, you’ll access great selection, like books, sheets and strips of postage stamps are available. You’ll need to create an account at the Walmart website before you order. If you visit a Walmart to buy, ask a cashier if he or she has postage stamps available. If the answer is no, go to the Customer Service desk to get what you need. Walmart is easily one of the best locations where to buy stamps.

6. Publix & Kroger

Picking up postage stamps from the grocery store will be a convenient way to stock up on food and drink at the same time. In America, you’ll find that most larger grocery store chains do offer them for sale.

stamps at kroger

Kroger is one of the biggest grocery store chains in the USA, and most of its locations sell booklets which contain twenty stamps. Stop and Shop locations also carry the products. If you’re interested in buying them from a different grocery store chain, call first and make sure that they have them. Then, you won’t waste your time!

7. Banks

A lot of people don’t realize that postage stamps may be purchased at a lot of American banks! If you want to do a bit of banking and grab some stamps while you do so, then you’ll be pleased to know that Bank of America sells stamp booklets. Examples of other USA banks which provide the same service include U.S Bank, Key Bank, and Wells Fargo.

Bear in mind that availability may vary from branch to branch. When you visit the official website of a selected bank, you should be able to find out whether or not a particular location offers this service. If you don’t see the information that you need, call or email the bank branch to find out.

Concerning how to buy, bank tellers sell the stamps, and some banks also offer them for sale at ATMs.

8. Staples

Most office retail suppliers and stationery stores sell stamps. This is particularly the case for the larger chains such as Staples. Find a staples near me where you can buy stamps. This is one of our favorite spots because you can also purchase any other related items. Such as envelopes, printers, pencils, pens, and stamp collecting supplies. You can also pick out school and office supplies while you’re at it.

does staples sell stamps

As usual, you should call ahead to be certain they actually do sell them and that they are currently available.

9. Target

All Target locations sell postage stamps. You can usually find them in their office supplies section or with their customer service department. However, there is a downside to buying them from Target. They only sell them in bundles of 200 stamps. This could end up costing your roughly $100.

does target sell stamps?

10. Gas Stations

Gas stations are another extremely convenient place to purchase postage stamps. Most gas stations carry them behind the counter. You’ll have to ask the clerk if you’d like to buy. Next time you have to fill-up your tank, you can get your favorite first-class stamps all at the same time.

do gas stations sell stamps

11. 711

Some 711 locations do sell stamps. Sadly, many do not. If you’re in a pinch and need stamps fast you could check your local shop or call ahead. However, we suggest trying other places on the list before going to a 711.

does 711 sell stamps?

12. ATM’s

ATM’s with stamps are a relatively new development. While today, many ATM’s still don’t have the capacity to sell stamps, newer models do have this technology. Slowly these newer models are replacing the old and eventually you’ll be able to purchase them on just about every street corner. This is an exciting development we’re following closely. Unfortunately, since most ATM’s still don’t work this way, we suggest sticking with a more traditional store. This way you won’t waste your precious time.

bank atm

Where Can I Buy Postage Stamps Near Me?

LocationsTypeHours of OperationStore Locator
AmazonOnline Store24 HoursClick Here
USPSPost Office9am - 5pmStore Locator
Walgreen'sPharmacy8am - 10pmStore Locator
CVSPharmacy8am - 10pmStore Locator
WalmartGeneral Store24 HoursStore Locator
KrogerGrocery Store7am - 9pm(varies)Store Locator
Bank of AmericaBank9am - 5pmStore Locator
StaplesOffice Supplies Store8am - 9pm(varies)Store Locator
Office DepotOffice Supplies Store8am - 9pm(varies)Store Locator
ATM'sATM24 Hours


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Single Stamps

The best place to purchase single stamps is the USPS store. They will always have them in stock and their excellent customer service representatives will always be willing to help you. If you can’t make it to the post office, there’s also a chance grocery stores, pharmacies, and office supply stores will also carry them.

Why Do You Need To Use Stamps

The USPS delivers most public and some private mail for the entire United States of America. It employs thousands of people and operates even in the most remote and uninhabited environments. As with any government institution of that size, the costs are immense. A postage stamp is essentially a receipt showing the USPS that you’ve paid for this mail to be delivered. Without them, you are signifying that you haven’t paid. If no one ever used stamps, the USPS would not be able to afford to continue to deliver mail. This would be disastrous as they are the least expensive option when shipping small envelopes and personal letters. We take our mail carriers for granted, but they perform a valuable service and have been for hundreds of years.

Stamps are also used as a way to signify any additional functions for your mail. Such as the speed of delivery or importance of the contents. Certain government institutions such as the military have unique stamps. These help to convey an important message about the mail and they are handled more delicately and given more authority.

How Much Do Postage Stamps Cost 2017

As of 2017, the current price of a first-class postage stamp is $0.49. The cost varies depending the year and the current economic environment.

If you’re looking to save a little money, you can buy in bulk. They typically come in a few different denominations.

  • Strips – Strips are the smallest denomination at just 4 to 8.
  • Blocks – A block typically consists of 10.
  • Sheets – Typically 10 to 20.
  • Booklet – A book can mean a few different values. Typically though, it is either 10 or 20.
  • Coils – A coil of stamps are exactly 100 in most cases.

Remember, these postage costs are currently accurate but like our economy, change every year.

USA Forever

The most famous stamp to ever be created. USA Forever celebrates patriotism with one of the most recognizable symbols of our nations. The Stars and Stripes gleam and give your envelope a touch of majesty and grace. It’s one of the most beautiful commemorative stamps ever made. What sets forever stamps apart though, is their ability to be used as a first-class stamp, forever. If you buy a roll or booklet today, you can still use that roll or booklet twenty years from now to send first-class mail. They have a static value making them a better investment than their predecessors.

Stamp Design

There are thousands of different stamp designs. One for each occasion and much more commemorating human progress and the various leaders who got us there. Some of the most famous being Abraham Lincon and Benjamin Franklin.

Wedding Stamps

Stamps made specially for wedding invitations are some of the most requested. We suggest going directly to USPS.com or a post office near you. They will be able to special order some beautiful stamps that will make your invitation stand out from the crowd

Postcard Stamps

Postcards are one of the most common sent mail item. For people sending well-wishings and thanks to family and friends all across the globe. They use less postage than regular stamps, costing roughly 0.39 cents.

For a full write-up on the subject, check out our article here.

Can You Reuse Stamps

No, you absolutely cannot reuse stamps under any circumstances. It is a Federal crime that could land you in jail or with hefty fines. Furthermore, it could put our great nations postal service in jeopardy.

Stamp Dealers and Collectors

So, you have some old stamps, and you think they might be worth something? There are plenty of stamp collectors and dealers out there who can appraise your old stamps and give you a real stamp value. There are also online auction sites that can help you get an idea of what it’s worth. They also have a ton of information on their website to help you out. You can read up on them in our article here.

Track Your Mail

If you want to track your mail, it’s usually effortless. Firstly, you’ll need to remember which agency you used. The most common are the USPS, FedEx, and UPS. The USPS is run by the federal government while UPS and FedEx are privately owned and operated. They are typically more costly but also faster than the government option. Step two, find your tracking number or call up the store where you placed your order and get the reference number from them. Write down the number as it is typically very long and random. Go to that respective companies website. There should be an option near the top that asks if you would like to track your package. Step three, add the reference number in and click search. It should give you accurate results and tell you where the mail is currently, and when it is to be delivered.

Where Can I Buy Stamps Near Me

We hope that this comprehensive guide has made it easier for you to find out where stamps are purchasable near you. These are most of the locations that have stamps for sale. Now that you have this information, why not choose your favorite retailer and buy the postage stamps that you need?

If you have any questions or know of any other retailers who carry official postage stamps, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We strive to reply within a 24-hour period.